Humans of FSU

Human of FSU
By Narra Georges
“In high school, I was a vegetarian and now I’m definitely not. I love steak!”
“What’s your greatest struggle in life right now?”
“I think my biggest struggle in in life is with fear. I think that fear of failure or fear of not doing something right keeps me from moving forward as I would like to with my life. And I hope to overcome this by thinking more positively and believing that I deserve whatever future I decide for myself.”
“What do you feel most guilty about in life?”
“The thing I feel most guilty about in life is…um messing up my scholarship. I had a full boat scholarship to college and I decided at the time that it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing with my life. I don’t regret it. I’ve learned a lot in my meandering course through college, but I do feel guilty that I messed up that opportunity that was given to me.”
“Are you the same person you were in high school?”
“Yes and no. In high school, I was a vegetarian and now I’m definitely not. I love steak! I love all kinds of meat…and vegetables too. In high school, I was also on the dance team my senior year and now at Fitchburg State I’m in the dance club, so my interests there stayed the same. I’d like to think that I’m stronger and I’ve figure out more of my interests like when I was getting my associates degree. I ran at my previous college and I really enjoyed that. I think I’m more serious about my studies; I come to class and do my homework all the time which is something different.”
“Has college taught you anything new about yourself?”
“I think college has taught me about myself what I don’t know. I think I’ve learned that school is important. I mean it’s good to do well in school, but I also know that real world experiences and how we put together the learning we do in school is the real test when we graduate. Like I said before in how I’ve changed in high school, I think I’ve learned that I’m either stronger than I thought that I was or I became stronger as a result of going to college. I think that strength is a confidence kind of strength. Going back to my answer on fear…I think that I’m learning about my capabilities. I’m also learning about what I like and what I don’t like more as well as what I look for in friends. I think my older sister says the most important thing she learned in college was time management. I think I’m learning that too in balancing work, school, activities, and practicums. My only hope is that I can transfer this to my life after I graduate next fall.”
“I like this feeling of being real and honest with myself. At first I was hesitant to do this when you asked me because I was afraid the entire school was going to see it…which they will, but I don’t care. As adults, there’s a time when we need to be honest with ourselves and that time has come for me. Thanks!”