'Rocky Horror' comes to Fitchburg

By Erica Richards

Campy humor rules in "Rocky Horror."

Last week, the Fitchburg State University Falcon Players and the Gay-Straight Alliance hosted a “Rocky Horror” movie night in the Underground Pub.  Overall it was an excellent event.  Each guest who arrived for the movie was greeted with a bag full of mysterious random objects that they were told would be needed as the film persisted. The bags contained: rice used to throw at the wedding scene, toast to throw during the toasting scene, a birthday hat for the party scene, and construction paper to cover your head during the rain.
 The audience was involved throughout the movie and laughter filled the air. “I thought it was a really great turnout; it wasn’t a live cast like last year but I still really enjoyed it,” said one guest. At one point in the film there was a “Time Warp Dance” in which the entire audience got up and danced along  with the movie. Almost everyone was either up and dancing, or dancing in their seats. “Overall I thought it did really well. The audience seemed to really interact well with the film,” said Brittany Paskos, Falcon Players treasurer.
During the movie, Falcon Players set random actors in the audience to provide comedic relief during some scenes by adding hilarious comments. The comments included some vulgar remarks about the characters on the screen and quotes that came from the actual “Rocky Horror Picture Show” that is now playing at the Emerson Umbrella Center of the Arts in Concord. GSA also provided guests with baked goods as well as memorabilia with their name on it.
Falcon Players plan to host another “Rocky Horror” night sometime next semester with a live shadow cast just like they did last fall, as both shows were very popular.  For those who would like to get involved in the cast of “Rocky Horror” or to join the Falcon Players, the meetings are every Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. in Ellis White. To get involved with GSA, stop by their weekly meetings every Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. in the Alumni rooms.