Talk Nerdy to Me: Pokémon Society

By Daniel Fallon

Pokemon art by Jimmy Batistick
“Jimmy Batistick”

If you are in college, shouldering responsibilities can crush the child within. The Fitchburg State Pokémon Society intends to change that. The Fitchburg State Pokémon Society, or FSPS, is a club for lovers of Pokémon of all kinds. For those who enjoy the video games, as well as the card came, there are members that play competitively, and others who play just for fun. The anime is played every week to appeal to those who still currently watch it, as well as those who just want to feel nostalgic. Other members like to come just to have a safe place to nerd out freely, with no fear of judgment.
The Pokémon Society runs just like any other club. They have a weekly meeting Thursdays at 3:30pm, in the Thompson building, room 102. The club also has an e-board that consists of a president, Troy Zaher, vice president, Danielle Solomon, secretary, Joseph LaSpisa, treasurer, Chloe Crockett, and public relations, Daniel Fallon. In an interview with president Troy Zaher, he stated “Pokémon society is a club dedicated to teaching people about Pokémon, and providing a location for them to have discussions about it and play together, competitively and casually.” When asked what happens during, and out of the meetings, he responded with “During meetings we do fun trivia games like Pokémon of the week and jeopardy. We also talk about the news that’s happening in Pokémon and we host workshops for our members about how to play Pokémon competitively…for events we host tournaments, put on movie nights, and hold various activities we do in the club but for the whole campus (like jeopardy and workshops).”
There are many members of the Fitchburg State Pokémon Society. Many of the new participants are freshman, and transfer students that were looking for some new friends with similar interests. When asked what made him want to join the Pokémon society, Peter Jack, a new first year in the club, stated “I started playing Pokémon when I was really young, five years old I think, and I’ve been obsessed ever since then. When I found out that Fitchburg had a Pokémon society I had to join. I would get to spend time every week with the poke-nerds like me…plus knowing the president very well from high school gave me even more incentive to join.” When asked what he enjoys about it, and what he looks forwards to, he stated “…Everyone in the club is very nice and fun to talk to and I’m looking forward to getting in some practice in competitive battling so I can enter the Pokémon championships over the summer.”
The Pokémon Society not only is a place to win cool merchandise through competitions and raffles, but it is also a safe place for all their members. Many people are nervous to let their nerdy side out, but the Pokémon Society is a judgment free zone, where people can be themselves. The club is home to members of all shapes and colors, and all ages. They allow anybody who is interested in joining to come by as they please. There is no attendance policy, so people come and go as they please. The Fitchburg State Pokémon Society is all-inclusive, so that no matter what, if you love Pokémon, you have a home.