The Burgeoning Visits The 'Burg

THe Burgeioining
By: Sara Moller
“Wait, how do you say their name?” was a question Fitchburg State students were asking one another prior to last Thursday night when they saw advertisements for the upcoming show by The Burgeoning. . After the Philadelphia based band The Burgeoning (pronounced The Bur-ga-ning) performed a two hour concert on the twenty-eighth of January in the Main Lounge at Fitchburg State University, their name was not misspoken. The concert was sponsored by the Fitchburg Activities Board (FAB) and was free for anyone who wanted to attend.
The Burgeoning is a four piece band, composed of two brothers, Logan and Alex Theirjung, and their friends Max Menkevich and Brandon Bradley. Logan is the lead vocalist and plays supporting electric guitar and Alex is the bassist. Menkevich serves as lead electric guitarist, occasional vocals and even occasionally to keyboards, depending on the song. Bradley keeps the beats going for their songs by taking on the position of drummer. All four members share the duties of songwriting. The band is young looking and they all seem like they could be college students themselves if they weren’t too busy touring around the United States.
The Burgeoning had a good crowd at Fitchburg State; around thirty five students attended. People danced along to the music and took selfies with the band in the background and numerous snapchats were taken. The band members meanwhile smiled and in-between their songs they talked and joked with the crowd. When FAB brought out pizza for people to eat while they rocked out Max even asked people how it was. They were all friendly
Logan started off the show by calling out, “Let’s start the show!” which was returned by loud screams by the students in attendance. Throughout their set they alternated between original songs and covers, which for the cover songs Menkevich mainly took the lead vocals. One of their cover songs was a song originally released by The Strokes called “Someday”. Another one of their chosen cover artists was Hozier, who most people know of through his hit, “Take Me to Church”.
The group has an EP entitled, Love Alchemy, Life Algorithm, which can already be found on iTunes. Love Alchemy, Life Algorithm, is full of original songs, and they hinted at the fact that they have another they’ve been working on for the past months, that should be out October 14th. Some of their original songs were previews of what’s to come on the new EP and others were from their first one. The first EP was released in 2014 and on YouTube is a video for their song “Lighthouse”. Some of their original songs performed last Thursday included, “Speak”, “Cavemen” and “Lighthouse” itself.
The Burgeoning can be found on most social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Sound Cloud or at their self-titled website here. The four members plan to take 2016 by storm and to just keep doing what they love most, which is performing and creating new music for their fans, old and new.