Sexism in the Presidential Race

Written by Megan Freeman
Sexism in political campaigns is nothing new to 2016. But with Hillary Clinton’s current chance of winning the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States being as high as it is, some of her opposition has taken to comparing her to meat. It’s not a flattering image – but that’s the image that anti-Hillary campaigns are trying to paint when they mass produce buttons that say Clinton is “2 Fat Thighs, 2 Small Breasts”, and “Left Wing” (
Clinton is not the first of her name to run for presidential office, either. Some of her critics say that if she is to be put in office, it will be the same as putting her husband Bill Clinton in his position again. “Whether or not her policies and goals are the same as her spouse, considering a vote for Hillary to be a vote for Bill is implying she has no presence whatsoever.” No matter whether she wins the presidency or not, Clinton will be the commander-in-chief, not her husband who would be the first man of the White House.
On Republican candidates Donald Trump’s Twitter, he tweets about Clinton saying, “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America,” which sparked a lot of backlash.
Unfortunately, this is a constant theme in negative propaganda against Clinton.
Negative comments about her physical appearance dominate the internet. A popular meme circulating Facebook is the slogan “life’s a bitch, so don’t vote for one” Hillary.jpg plastered with a parody of Hillary Clinton’s face to Barack Obama’s former campaign logo. A few scrolls down in the google search for ‘anti-Hillary’ propaganda and there’s a sticker that says “Hillary will go down faster than Bill’s pants.” hillary 2
A lot of negative propaganda against Clinton is geared towards her husband, Bill, and his political policies as well as his affair with Monica Lewinsky.
“Just say no to Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife in 2016” reads a stamp accompanied by an unflattering caricature of Hillary Clinton looking scandalized.
As with any election, there are reasons to vote either for or against Clinton. There is plenty of reason to feel strongly passionate about not wanting someone in the white house and for these people who make these anti-Clinton posters and propaganda, the fact that she is a woman makes it very easy to challenge her place in the white house. The motto “life’s a bitch, don’t vote for one” labels Clinton as unfit for office only because she is what the creator of the propaganda labels a ‘bitch,’ a term commonly used to put down women when they are disagreeable.
Amid these sexist anti-ads are some anti-Hillary ads that list the reasons the creator thinks she’s unfit for the presidency. These are more enticing to read, and better put, than pleas for people not to make Bill Clinton the next “first lady” even though he would not be the first lady, he would be the first man. But, then, that’s the joke for anti-Hillary campaigns.
According to those comments, the reason not to vote for Hillary is not to make her husband the “first lady.” Because he’s a man. And only women are allowed to be the spouse of the President. Because the President should be male. That’s basically all that ad is saying.
Sexist, too, is the idea that one should vote for Hillary “just because she is a woman” or because they want to see a female President. If someone wants a female President, voting for Clinton simply because of her gender is just as sexist as putting her down for her gender.
What should matter right now are problems with America. No matter what gender the President of the United States identifies as, what matters should be their speeches and policies. Not how they dress or look.
Unfortunately, these campaigns can get very petty very fast.