Discussions With the Dead: Medium Bonnie Page

By Christofer Thrasher
The afterlife is a topic of discussion that people tend to shy away from. The fear of the unknown can go without questions being answered because it is often a sensitive subject. Fear not, however, because there will be an opportunity for those curiosities to be satiated.  
Medium Bonnie Page, who is attending Fitchburg State University for an event on Friday, Oct. 28, says she will be sending some messages to you from your loved ones who have passed on.
Some may not necessarily understand exactly what, or who, a medium is. “We are not psychics,” said Page. Mediums provide “evidential” readings, she said, and are able to have conversations with spirits. Page said it is like holding a regular conversation with a person here on Earth. Page said she hears, sees, and speaks with souls.
“My goal is to spread the word to everyone that Heaven is not so far away, its right here, that our loved ones are always around us,” she said. “They give me evidential messages; they are watching over us, guiding, and protecting us.”
Page said that she has this gift because of God. “God needs me to bring more light into the world. The world is becoming a darker place,” said Page. Page said she is here to bring us what she calls a “blessing” or a message from up above.
Page believes that people come to her for help and answers because “light attracts light. I’m a middle-aged woman that’s soft spoken with a huge heart. People can relate to that.”
It was while working as an aesthetician, Page said, that she discovered her abilities of being able to communicate with the dead. As she would be working, spirits of family members of those whose hair or nails she was doing would come through and begin speaking to her. She said she would have to relay those messages. This is where Page’s mediumship journey of readings began.
Page said that her gift “was inherited”;  her grandmother and mother also had the gift of speaking with those who had passed away. Page recalls coming in contact with spirits at the early age of 4. She said, “I saw animals and people around me all the time, but I never felt scared.” Page said she never felt alone thanks to her mother bearing this incredible spiritual gift as well.
Page said that the process of a reading is almost like an interview. She starts by asking, “Who is here? I chat with [spirits].” She asks for specific memories to be shown or a special event that had taken place or is taking place on the given day of one of her readings.
During a reading, Page said, she may not necessarily see our friends or family members as they looked when they passed away because “spirits appear as when they felt their best in life.” She said spirits show her symbols, signs, can give scents, tastes, and what they (the spirits) specifically want their loved ones to know about them or how they are doing in the experience after life here on Earth.
Page’s readings usually take place within her home studio in Winchendon. To prepare for a reading, Page said she quiets her mind, connects with spirits, and says a prayer. “I ask God, Jesus, and the angels for a blessing.” Page said the best way for visitors to prepare for a reading is through prayer.
Page said, “I only tell of the things that stand out. Only the things people would recognize.”  She does not want any spirit who is a stranger to her audience to come through and have that person talk to someone they do not know. Page wants to reiterate to everyone that love is eternal and that our souls are eternal too. Page said she receives the messages and gives, never holding back on to a message from the other side.
Page understands that we all have to deal with negative and positive situations, events, and information; however, during a reading with her there is no such thing as negativity.
“Spirit is all energy. Spirit can only be positive,” Page said. She said she never has to relay a negative message; it is not possible. Page also mentioned that spirits do not judge and that we as humans should keep in mind the positive aspects of life; that we should not be judgmental, and that we should only spread our unconditional love.
“What you give is what you get. When we do good, the good will come back to us,” Page said.
Page believes Earth is only a temporary location for us. “Earth is our school room where we are taught lessons,” she said. “Earth is a place for our souls to grow and develop. After our time here on Earth is up, our souls transform. We are just a spirit living in a human experience.”
If you are interested in having a reading with Bonnie Page, finding out more about Page, or have a question to ask, you can contact her through her website http://bonniepagemedium.com. Page also has a blog, a YouTube channel, as well as a television show on Leominster Access TV.
This one-night-only event at FSU will be held in The Hub on the street level of the Hammond Building. Tickets will be sold at the Info Desk in Hammond through Oct. 28 until 5 p.m. (or until tickets run out!). Tickets cost $20 for students, and $30 for faculty/staff/alumni. This event is open to the public.
Bonnie Page as pictured above.