From the Perspective of a Graduating Senior

By Laurel Evangelista When I graduated high school, I was promised that college would be the best four years of my life. And now with graduation being just ten days … Read More

College Admissions Scandal Reveals How Wealthy Buy Advantage

By Makenzie MacDonald In early March news broke out against many celebrity parents that were charged of bribing colleges to allow admission into their schools and for some, sports teams … Read More

Priorities – Finding the Balance Between School and Life

By Zariyah Greene After graduating from high school, many people head to college, filled with high hopes and expectations for the future. They look forward to sharing their first drink … Read More

Should Attendance Really Be Mandatory?

As the semester comes to an end – and the weather is beginning to warm up –  you might find yourself asking one very important question: “Do I really have to go to class or did I already run out of unexcused absences?”

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