Return to Campus


Entering the new year of 2023 and the new spring semester on campus at Fitchburg state is a transitional period for students and faculty alike. The move in process, new schedules and classes, and new years resolutions all require some focus. Speaking with multiple students throughout campus, everyone had different perspectives on the upcoming semester. Some students expressed worries about having too much on their plate.
“I’m excited for my new classes but at the same time worried about how busy I’m going to be throughout the semester given that I have to juggle classes, honors thesis project, 2 internships, and interviews for more internships.” Said Nick Green, a junior at Fitchburg State studying Game Design. Others look forward to embracing the business to come, like Zachary Amidon, a Graphic Arts student.
“I’m looking forward to going back to my clubs that I’m a part of and being a part of more. Not going to lie either, but I’m also looking forward to getting back into the grind. Hopefully it won’t get too hard too quickly, though.”
As a precaution for students entering back into campus life, the school provided 2 COVID-19 tests to students upon arrival during their check-in. More tests are available for the rest of the semester at Hammond Hall Information Desk, the Human Resources Office, the Student Affairs Office, and Housing & Residential Services Office. It was not mandatory to report results, but the school encouraged students to test upon arrival and not to come to campus if symptomatic. Continuing from last semester, Fitchburg State University remains a “mask optional” school, not requiring masks in common spaces like dorms or the dining hall, but allowing faculty to require them in personal settings such as offices or classrooms. Multiple students expressed that they felt safe on campus, such as Zachary Amidon, who said
“I think that they are doing the best they are able to do. It also helps when everyone does follow along, when it is very necessary.” Izzy Cochran said on the topic,
“I haven’t really seen too much in the “Covid responses” honestly. The college seems safe, but like I said I haven’t seen much.” Students, faculty, and the Fitchburg State community have a long and hopefully fulfilling semester ahead, and certainly a new year in 2023.