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It’s a Wonderful Life: A Timeless Classic

Andy Cunningham

The aroma of Christmas filled the air in the Wallace Theater. The cast, already in character, greeted their guests as well as guided them to their seats in preparation for the award-winning production.

The production centers on Christopher Brennan’s portrayal of George Bailey, an empathic and caring man who has always prioritized the needs of others over his own. George, suffering financial ruin and suicidal thoughts on Christmas Eve, receives a visit from Clarence Odbody, his guardian angel (Marco Grogan). George is shown by Clarence what life in Bedford Falls, his hometown, would have been like if he had never been born. George can see his influence on others around him from a different angle because of this alternate reality.

The Fitchburg State production has touched so many people in their audience. The cast of twelve incredible actors took on the roles of multiple characters within the play. This production obtained a heartwarming sensation filling the auditorium with so much emotion.

“I played Clarence, Martini, and Mr. Welch. So first and foremost, I watched the movie because I wanted to see how it had been done before, and then try to make some different choices with each character and try to give my own spin to it. Ultimately it was just lots of rehearsal, lots of playing off of what my castmates were doing, and just kind of collectively building one solid piece that would become the show,” shares Marco Grogan.

Julia Dufresne who played Mary, George Bailey’s wife, devoted so much of her time to perfecting her character.

Dufresne states “I prepared for my role by using a lot of method acting techniques, and I really focused on picking out points in my life where I could relate to what my character would be feeling, and I use that to help me emulate the emotions of my character.”

It’s a Wonderful Life is a live radio play, which made it very different from any other Fitchburg State production. The actors were limited to movement because they had to set the scene by talking into broadcast microphones. Instead of looking at each other while acting, the cast looked out past the audience to develop the feel of a radio show.

“It was very different,” states Brennan, “It was an interesting experience to act like you don’t care what people see as much, and instead really give your voice your all.”
Because it so perfectly captures the timeless spirit of human goodness, generosity, and the significant impact that one person can have on the lives of others, “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a timeless classic that continues to touch hearts across generations.

Jonah Pishkin, who plays Mr. Gower, Potter, and Man at Martini’s, says “I think It’s a Wonderful Life was chosen for this year’s show because it’s a good Christmas show, but it’s also a lot about togetherness. I definitely feel like in these times where it’s harsh weather, strong working hours, and sometimes people just become depressed or more happy. I think it’s good to have something that really combines all of that, that really gets people into the holiday spirit.”

Fitchburg State’s take on It’s a Wonderful Life created so many sensations of happiness, family, as well as holiday spirit. Amazing, amazing job to all of the talented actors within the play as well as the astonishing directors.

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