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What’s New In The Counseling Services: Fitchburg State University Provides New Counseling Resources

Via Fitchburg State University website.
Counseling Services Staff.

This year is the first year that the counseling services here at Fitchburg State University have introduced “Counselors In The Classroom.” This program is used to share information with each class they go to about what is new and what services they can provide to their students.

The counseling services earned more government funding, which is the reason they were allowed to partner with Christie Campus Health. They are staffed by qualified mental health professionals, which is accessible by calling 833.434.1217. Some of the new things that they are bringing to us here at Fitchburg is the 24/7/365 Mental Health Support Line. This phone service is there for anyone with questions, concerns, or other things they need help with regarding their current state at the university.

The counseling services are also involving themselves in classroom meetings, giving students the opportunity to sign up for counseling services and how to do it. One of the main things they touch upon is how these services are completely free and are at no cost to the students here at Fitchburg State. As of right now, they are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5. Students will be able to schedule appointments less than 24 hours from the time they reach out to counseling.

Director of the counseling service department, Dr. Robert Hynes, is ecstatic about the new helpline and services that are being provided. When talking to him some of the main points brought up were how the new services will impact the community here at Fitchburg State University in a positive way and is excited about the promising future of the counseling services department.

While talking about the new program “Counselors In The Classroom,” one of the main points that Dr. Hynes brought up was the idea of having constant availability and spreading awareness of the services. They want the students to understand that the counselors are there for them and want to see them become the best versions of themselves.

Dr. Hynes stated “We try to have a presence out there so that people know if they’re struggling they have us as a free resource, but sometimes there are students who, for one reason or another don’t know that we exist.” After he was done explaining the goals of the counselors in the classroom project, he touched upon the outreach hotline and the benefits of having the 24/7 line for students to use. The hotline was created for students to receive help outside office hours of counseling services. He stated “So we’re hopeful that students will view that as another resource to be able to talk to a mental health professional at a time when the office is closed.”

Lastly, Dr. Hynes mentioned the other services that their partnership with Christie Campus Help is now providing.
He stated “We get a website called Falcons wellness… It’s got a lot of articles about wellness and then we also have the capacity through Christie Campus Health to have students meet virtually with a psychopharmacologist who can prescribe in some situations medication for students.”

The new Counseling Services is a goal that aims to provide students at Fitchburg State University with as much help as they need and will be there 24/7/365.

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