Work Out To Get The Stress Out

By Makenzie MacDonald College is full of papers, tests, quizzes, and homework, who has time to do anything else? Relaxing is a key part of refocusing yourself on school work, … Read More

Recreation Services Seek Answers: Why is Participation in Intramural Sports Declining?

by Savanah Hippert Intramural sports have traditionally been a fun and engaging outlet for the Fitchburg State campus community. In recent years, however, Recreation Services has noticed a decline in … Read More

The sports behind the scenes

By Andrew Pecukonis  Nearly a decade ago, intramural sports at Fitchburg State were almost non-existent. Brad Cohrs, a man with a goal of getting an intramural program alive around campus, … Read More

Fitchburg State’s intramural sports program

By Nick Balboni Stuck in your dorm room on a Tuesday night with nothing to do? Then Fitchburg State University’s intramural program is the perfect choice for you. The 2012-13 … Read More

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