Work Out To Get The Stress Out

By Makenzie MacDonald
College is full of papers, tests, quizzes, and homework, who has time to do anything else? Relaxing is a key part of refocusing yourself on school work, however, it is also important to make time for physical activity. Whether it is for a half hour a couple of times a week or two hours for five days a week, any form of physical activity can benefit your overall health as a student.
Michael Hiltz, an assistant staff director at the recreation center at Fitchburg State University stated that, “If students go to our website, they will be able to find a continually updated calendar with what times open gym is, what times athletic games are played, when water aerobics classes are, group exercise classes and this is all free to the students to utilize.”
All students at Fitchburg State have the ability to join intramural sports and group exercises, “I’ve done Piyo and Country Heat”, explained Savanah Hippert, a junior at Fitchburg State, “Libby Eppy [resident exercise instructor] is such a sweetheart and really puts her all into her classes.” Many of the intramural sports and groups like Libby’s allow students to have fun with their friends, create new relationships, and stay active.
“Right now we are offering Volleyball, Indoor Soccer, Table Tennis and Inner Tube water polo. For the second half of the semester we are offering 5 on 5 Basketball, Floor Hockey, Badminton, and holding a Wiffle Ball tournament,” explained Hiltz.
“My overall experience has been great. It’s nothing but fun and stress-free, whereas if you were to play for a collegiate team, there’s way more pressure on you.” Hayley Remillard, a senior at Fitchburg State said. Remillard has played indoor and sand volleyball, as well as indoor and outdoor soccer.
Sign-ups are available on the IMLeagues website, clicking on the tab “Schools” and finding Fitchburg State. Then, click on the sport you wish to join, and pay a minimal fee of $20 to complete registration.
For those who prefer independent exercise, the Rec Center includes a fitness center, weight room, as well as a swimming pool for students. The hours of availability for each are posted on the University website.