Breaking the Stigma Surrounding Cannabis

By Kurtis Kendall Cannabis has long been a drug ingrained in American culture. The perception and stigma surrounding cannabis or “marijuana” from the time I was born to today has … Read More

Marijuana and the NHL: Its Possible Benefits for Professional Hockey Players

By Jack Gallant In 1998, former Boston Bruins coach, turned television broadcaster, Don Cherry, was quoted as saying “You start with marijuana, then you go to cocaine, then you go … Read More

Lunenburg Smoke Shop Opens in Anticipation of Marijuana Legalization

By Erin Murphy If Question 4 passes this November, Twin City Smoke Shop (located on Summer Street in Lunenburg) has every intention of becoming a marijuana dispensary as well. The … Read More

Does medical marijuana have a place on the FSU campus?

By Francesca Lewis Even with a legal certificate, medical marijuana is not allowed on campus. Dean of Student & Academic Life Dr. Stanley Bucholc said, “The federal law supersedes the … Read More

Not just a club for potheads

By PJ Carmichael “Isn’t that a drug club?”         This is a typical response from students when asked about Fitchburg State’s newest club, the Students for Sensible Drug Policy, according … Read More

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