Lunenburg Smoke Shop Opens in Anticipation of Marijuana Legalization

By Erin Murphy

A water pipe known as a “bong” used for smoking marijuana.

If Question 4 passes this November, Twin City Smoke Shop (located on Summer Street in Lunenburg) has every intention of becoming a marijuana dispensary as well. The grand opening was held by owner Kyle Ezzio – a Pepperell resident –  on Saturday, Oct. 15. According to the Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise, the prospect of recreational marijuana legalization absolutely played a role in him opening the shop in the first place.
Smoking in general has been prevalent among college students for decades now, and on Fitchburg State’s campus alone, when exiting and entering a building you will often see at least one person smoking a cigarette or vape pen. If and when Question 4 passes, do you think the universities should ban the use of marijuana on their campuses since it will be a legal substance?
Shannon O’Brien , a commuter here at Fitchburg State says, “I am certain that Question 4 will be passed, and I am all for it. I believe that cannabis use does have healing properties, and has treated my mild cases of anxiety and panic attacks.”
She also believes that colleges should be watchful of things other than use itself if it is passed, such as selling because that within itself is considered a crime. “However,” says O’Brien, “recreational use on campuses should be prohibited, for safety reasons amongst peers and faculty. Marijuana affects everyone differently, and there is no need for the whole campus to be high out of their minds.” She believes that students shouldn’t be coming to class high, and should be focused on academics while here, since you can always wait to smoke until you get home if you so choose. On a second note, O’Brien states, students who have a medical marijuana card should be able to possess and smoke as they wish in order to medicate themselves while on campus.
Haylie Hier, another commuter here at Fitchburg State says, “Yes I think it’s a good thing if the act is passed. I think FSU should ban recreational use on campus because drinking is banned from campus as well, but it still happens, so either way it’s still going to happen. I don’t think it will affect campus life at all. People already do what they want anyways. But, I am curious to see what will happen when this smoke shop sells marijuana once the act is passed. This might make students here more into the idea of smoking, and they will have easy access to do so.”
Twin City Smoke Shop has opened its doors right near our campus, however there are other smoke shops around the area who are also selling pipes, bongs, rolling papers for “tobacco use only.” If substance abuse isn’t an issue on campus already, it’s a possibility it will be once the act is passed.
Twin City offers a variety of products containing CBD, which is a substance found in cannabis excluding the TCH. CBD has been said to promote several health benefits, such as pain and anxiety reduction, and has become increasingly popular. “It is one of the active ingredients of marijuana, minus the THC,” Ezzio said, “It has no mood- or mind-altering effects. It has a lot of anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties and things like that.” The shop sells CBD in various forms, including gum, oral spray, lozenge and drink. Ezzio said the CBD selection is what separates Twin City from other smoke shops in the area, according to the Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise.
Twin City Smoke Shop was officially opened by Ezzio on Saturday, Oct. 15th. With hopes that Question 4 is passed, Ezzio should expect a booming business, especially with those in the Fitchburg community.