Give Me Space: The Current State of Fitchburg’s Rec Center

By Holly WentWorth   Fill out this poll. Why don’t you go to the fitness center? (Fitness Center Poll)   I’m sure students, faculty members, and alumni can agree that … Read More

New Hardwood a Swish Among Students

By Kyle Prudhomme Fitchburg State University has had its fair share of construction in the past few years and this year, with renovations and improvements being completed throughout the campus. … Read More

The Rec Center’s Fitness on Demand program

By Kate Domenichella Are you looking for a fun way to work out with your friends? Check out Fitness on Demand, a program offered to FSU students, that encourages everyone … Read More

Grab your tickets for GSA’s 10th annual Drag Show

By Megan Freeman You’ve probably passed by the colorful tables inside Hammond and Holmes with silver buckets on them. And maybe you’ve wondered to yourself, what are they collecting money for? … Read More

President’s Reception has good turn out

Last Saturday, March 23, the President’s Reception for accepted students was held in the Rec Center. Students from every group, club and organization here on campus attended with posters and … Read More

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