The Rec Center's Fitness on Demand program

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By Kate Domenichella
Are you looking for a fun way to work out with your friends? Check out Fitness on Demand, a program offered to FSU students, that encourages everyone to think of working out as fun instead of boring.
Fitness on Demand was installed in the summer of 2014, so it is a relatively addition to the Rec Center.
It comes with over 100 classes that can be accessed with a touch of a button. These classes have focuses in cardio, strength, cycling, flexibility, and dance. A 120 inch screen lowers from the ceiling with an instructor leading you through each exercise. All of the equipment needed for the exercise will be provided.
To ensure a spot in one of the classes, it is best to reserve a spot. Stop by the front desk of the Rec Center or call 978-665-3683. Every Sunday, the classes for the week become available to make reservations.
Here is the Fitness on Demand schedule for this upcoming week:
Monday, March 30:
12:15-12:53pm Interval Total Body Quick Fix 2
4:30-5:15pm TBT 3: Speed Control
5:30-6:22pm Yoga Basics
6:30-7:04pm Blast ‘N Burn
7:15-7:57pm Center of Gravity
Tuesday, March 31:
12:15-12:47pm Metabolic Maximizer
4:30-5:03pm MOVE! Latin
5:15-5:53pm Kickin’ It with Keira
6-6:42pm Yoga 2
7-7:22pm Intense Abs
Wednesday, April 1:
12:15-12:50pm Interval Total Body Quick Fix 1
4:45-5:16pm Groove
5:30-6pm Mat Pilates
6:15-6:58pm Cardio Ball
7:15-7:39pm Strength Recovery Yoga
Thursday, April 2:
12:15-12:47pm Cardio Sculpt
Friday, April 3:
12:15-12:48pm BHT (Butt, Hips, Thighs)
If any of these sound interesting to you, be sure to make a reservation today!
Looking for more information? Check out Fitness on Demand on the FSU website and Fitness on Demand 24/7, the program FSU has brought to our campus.
Rec Center hours: Monday-Thursday (6am-11pm), Friday (6am-8pm), Saturday (10am-5pm), Sunday (12-10pm)