Spotlight! Athlete of the Week: Brittny Peralta

  By Jack Gallant Women’s Soccer has gone through tough losses and close wins over the past year and with new coaching, captain Brittny Peralta knows that the future is … Read More

Fitchburg State University Welcomes New Athletic Director

By Emma Thomson and Jack Gallant Last year, Fitchburg State University’s former Athletic Director, Sue Lauder, announced her retirement after 22 years with the University. Taking her place as the … Read More

Student Athlete’s First Line of Defense

By Jack Gallant Fans of Fitchburg State Athletics know all about their favorite teams and players. What they may not recognize is the sideline support that keeps them safe. Athletic … Read More

Tackling the Big Game: A Super Bowl LII Preview

In a battle of two prevailing teams capitalizing on their opponent’s very few weaknesses, the victor will surely have to have played a near flawless game.

Falcons VS Rams Pregame

By Jeffrey Balbi The Fitchburg State Falcons open up their first game in the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference (MASCAC) playing against Framingham State at Bowditch Field on Saturday, Sept. … Read More

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