My Body, My Art.

By John Plue As tattoos become more accepted into every day society, more opinions are surfacing regarding them. One of the most common dilemmas among the tattoo world is whether tattoos should be meaningful or not. I understand why someone would want a meaningful tattoo. It is a piece of work that will be on their body until they either […]

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Quality Advising Has Long Term Impact on Student Success

By Makenzie MacDonald For up and coming students, the initial expectation of an academic advisor may include help with scheduling, internships, activities on campus, and academic assistance. However, not all students receive the same level of support to create a foundation necessary for collegiate success. An advisor is “more than what classes you need to take, although that is a […]

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State Helps Homeless College Students

By John Plue According to a survey conducted over the year of 2017 and released in 2018 by Hope Lab, “13 percent of Massachusetts community college students and 10 percent of state university students became homeless in the last year.” Hope Lab is based in Wisconsin and it “seeks to improve the lives of real college students by redefining the […]

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