Seniors: A Retrospective and a Look Forward

A sea of green caps during the Fitchburg State University graduation on Saturday, May 16, 2015. T&G STAFF/CHRISTINE HOCHKEPPEL

By: Megan Brown
When we think about graduation, most of us thought it would never come. To those that came here 4 years ago, or the 8-year super, super seniors, it has all been a long time coming. In 94 days us seniors will be given our diplomas and everything we have worked for in college will have come to an end, it is an unreal situation.
At the event last Thursday, “101 days until Graduation”, you saw people you have known all of these years. A lot of those you will walk on the stage with and throw your caps into the air together.The event had $800 worth of prizes, which included gift cards, red sox tickets, and cap and gowns.  With an abundance of food and a DJ got the last 100 days of senior year off on a good note.
Students that were graduating on May 21st were asked questions about their college careers. What they are most scared about graduation, but also what they are most excited about.  What are they doing after graduation and what their favorite part of college was. Many students gave the answer that extracurricular were their favorite part of college. Danielle Dusablon said “Joining dance club was an amazing life decision for me, having those wonderful people in my life supporting me was something I think everyone should have throughout college.” A lot of the students said Dance Club was their favorite thing about college. But the end all favorite things were the friends made in college. “Meeting all new people, making the most out of it and creating lifelong friendships” Stephen Hogue said.
Finding a job seemed to be the scariest thing for soon to be graduates. Or just working in their field of study, but that also seemed to be the most exciting for students. Bourin You said, “I’m excited to finally get out of here and work in my field I’ve been studying for four years.” Where Michael Wallmann said, “I’m most excited and scared for the internship that awaits me. I’m nervous but I know through my experience here that I am ready for the next step in my career.” It’s an overlying of emotions to think that you are almost done with college.
A lot of students will continue their education by going to get their masters like You and Nicky Stafinski.
But in the end we all did it. We will have finished college, or will in just 94 days. We all did it together. We will all enter this new chapter of our lives together.