The Ripple Effect of Antonelli v. Hammond

By John Plue Constitution day took place September 17, 2019, and the staff of the Cycle in 1969 came to speak with an audience about the Antonelli v. Hammond case. … Read More

FSU Celebrates 22nd Rock the Block

by John Plue On September 10, 2019, Fitchburg State University held the 22nd annual Rock the Block. When Rock the Block was first held it was a non-profit volunteer fair. … Read More

Study Abroad With Global Ambassadors Program

by Sylvia Agyeiwaa Fitchburg State University received a $1 million dollars grant to help students study abroad. The Global Ambassadors Scholarship Program is a program in which Fitchburg State University … Read More

Understanding Eldridge Cleaver and “Black Moochie”

by John Plue Why was “Black Moochie” the cause of such turmoil? Disagreements over the language and content and the topics of race and sex were hotly detailed. Cleaver talks … Read More

FSU recognizes 50th year anniversary of Antonelli v. Hammond

by John Plue Take a step 50 years into the past and put yourself in the shoes of the Cycle’s editor-in-chief John Antonelli. It is the beginning of the 1969 … Read More

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