Study Abroad With Global Ambassadors Program


by Sylvia Agyeiwaa
Temple in Minami Kashiwa Japan by Imani Hunter
Fitchburg State University received a $1 million dollars grant to help students study abroad. The Global Ambassadors Scholarship Program is a program in which Fitchburg State University gives grants to students for studying abroad. Through the leadership of Anna M. Clementi and the Clementi Family Charitable Trust, the money was raised to support the new program. The idea for this program is to boost the number of students in the university who travel around the world for education purposes by 30 percent over the first six years.
 Clementi has served on Fitchburg States’ Board of Trustees for about eight years and has been a loyal advocate for the value of study abroad programs. Clementi is also one of the founders of the University’s Center for Italian Culture. According the Fitchburg State University website, Clementi said, “Studying abroad creates better understanding of the global forces that shape our region and our world.”
Clementi also spoke about an experience on the Fitchburg State website, she said“I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of travel for our university students, these young people return with a greater sense of purpose, direction and confidence, It is my hope that all Fitchburg State students take advantage of all the experiential travel opportunities and that high school students looking at colleges carefully consider this great experience as a unique advantage.” This opportunity is for students from all majors and programs. The Global Ambassador program will cover over 50 percent of the cost for students to attend Fitchburg States’ international trips.