Madison Medina Named FSU Class of 2019 Valedictorian

Madison Medina
Madison Medina

By Olivia Koravos
Madison Medina is the Valedictorian of Fitchburg State University’s Class of 2019. Medina grew up in Pelham, New Hampshire, and spent her high school years at Lowell Catholic High School. Medina was first drawn to Fitchburg State when she went to a softball clinic and met with Coach MacDonald. This led Medina to attend a tour of the school. Her future academic home was solidified once she found out about FSU’s noteworthy 4+1 Criminal Justice Program.
During her college career, Medina was a part of the Honors Program offered to qualified students. This program at Fitchburg is known for having a distinctive curriculum that surrounds students with other honors students, gives them the chance to attend classes of small sizes, attend cultural programs and events, live in Honors Housing, and much more. Medina talked about the fact that being a student of this program was a worthwhile challenge, despite other commitments. “It definitely was challenging at times considering I played two sports while trying to balance academics,” Medina said. “I am really happy that I chose to challenge myself, however, as I truly believe that it made me appreciate the value of hard work and determination.”
In regards to having played not one, but two sports here at Fitchburg State, Medina declared that it was one of the best decisions she has made yet. “It gave me a lot of structure and taught me to manage my time successfully. There were definitely times where I was overwhelmed with academics and athletics, but in the end it was all worth it.”
Medina went on to mention that the people she met while playing sports also made juggling all of her work worthwhile. With that being said, she finished her busy undergraduate degree with no sports-related regrets. With Medina’s undergraduate athletic career finished, she will move on to the Police Academy on May 20 for her fifth year at FSU. Once she graduates the academy, Medina will go for a year of grad school, hoping to ultimately become a detective.
When asked, “What the most valuable aspect Fitchburg State can teach its students?” Medina gave an answer that pertained to the diversity present on campus. “This school’s diversity is something that is unmatched at a lot of universities,” Medina stated, and finished by saying, “I think FSU teaches its students to be accepting of all different types of people, which is really important in today’s society.”