What To Get Your Family For Christmas

BY Holly Wentworth 
Winter break is coming! It’s almost time to go home, kick back on the couch and watch your favorite holiday movies with mom’s signature lasagna. You can look forward to no more eating Daka food with your roommates that you’re beginning to hate; no more studying for final exams for classes that you skipped more than you went; and no more dragging through your customer service jobs with a built up bad attitude. You need this break.
However, as exciting as it sounds to go home for the holidays, it’s just as stressful, as well. You may ask why? Well, remember those gifts you’ve been putting off last minute to give to your family for the holidays? Oh, you totally forgot? Well, I’m here to help you. And no, you can’t call mom for help this time. When other family members have gotten you gifts and fed you, you most certainly not go to family parties empty handed. No gift equals a very unhappy family. So like the Patriots’ Bill Belicheck says, “do your job,” and be a good family member— get those gifts! Here are some options:
What to get each family member:
MOM:  EVERYTHING, because she deserves the world and more
But seriously though.
Please do not go typical this year and get your mom the same old candle from Bath & Body Works with the occasional earrings. Moms are constantly doing things for other family members and forget to satisfy their own needs. This year, why don’t you give her something she can actually benefit from, like a spa day. The second option is something with sentimental value. If you’re looking for something you can wrap, make her a scrapbook with family photos.
DAD:  A GUN for the boyfriend he hates
Just kidding?
Dads are easy. You can get him pretty much anything and he’ll make use of it somehow. Either way, the holidays are a special time and you should get him something he will really appreciate. How about customized golf balls? There are many websites online, where you can customize golf balls with different sayings or pictures. This will work for two reasons:
1) Dads are more sentimental than they want you to know.
2) They’re never as good at golf as they think they are. Save them from not    having to buy more balls for the ones they lost in the woods.  

  • If you think you need something more, get your parents a combined gift that they can both use. Maybe two concert tickets to their favorite band.

BROTHER:  FOOD, since they’re always eating yours
I mean, you can’t go wrong with that, right?
Guys love to eat— there’s no question about it. So, that is definitely something you can always get your brother. Never mind just Christmas, but anytime you get him mad at you and you want forgiveness. Make sure you know his favorite foods or you might make things worse. If you’re feeling nice this year, get him a hat from his favorite sports team. And if you’re feeling especially nice, get him tickets to the game, as well!
SISTER:  CLOTHES, since you’re always stealing hers
Sorry, sis.
You can even offer to help clean out some of the old stuff she doesn’t wear anymore. And maybe she’ll be so kind to give them to you. New clothes will work great because girls can never have enough. Go to her favorite stores and immediately head to the clearance section. Find what you can and remove the clearance sticker, while leaving the original price tag on. You’ll look like you spent so much on her. And while you’re at the mall, buy some chocolate to put in her present also. Then, maybe she won’t look at good as you in that yearly Christmas pic.
Now that you have had help, don’t waste anymore time— start shopping!
P.S. Good luck with the rest of your final exams and projects. Winter break is almost here! Thank God.

He’s making a list and checking it twice.