See You on the Green!


Written by: Holly Wentworth
The Fitchburg State Golf Club (FSGC) is coming this spring and are welcoming any Fitchburg State student that own a set of golf clubs and want to be a part of a casual-level golf team. Here are six reasons why you should join!

  1. There’s no wait
    • FSGC has already been set up by club president, Steve McFadden, who is a senior, architect major and long time golfer. With a little help from Bryan Cavellier, the starter of the FSGC Facebook group, McFadden met with Office of Student Development to get the appropriate papers for creating a new club on campus. You don’t have to do a thing, but join!
  2. Be a part of a team
    • Maybe you’re not cut out for the division three varsity teams — but this is a club! After spreading the word of FSGC throughout the campus, McFadden collected twenty committed signatures with some still pending. He also obtained co-advisors Brittany Rende, assistant director of recreation services, and Lieutenant Ron Brickman, Campus Police force, to help with organizing payment dues and budgeting/funds.
  3. Discounted golf greens
    • McFadden spoke to Dan Bartkus, the golf professional/superintendent of The Woods of Westminster Golf Course, and Bartkus was willing to provide their golf greens at a discounted price. According to Cavellier, who has golfed there before, the course is “fairly easy with no sand traps and not many hazards like water or swamps, but it has a few hills.”
  4. Minimal club commitment
    • The required practices are yet to be announced, but they will most likely be at 4:00 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays for nine holes. That gives you plenty of time to do school work and still have a social life.
  5. NCCGA Tournaments
    • McFadden is also trying to set up optional NCCGA (National Collegiate Club Golf Association) tournaments. There is no need to do pre-season or post-season workouts because the tournaments are designed for participants to gain an experience out of it. There is no pressure on how well you do. Bring your cooler and wing it.
  6. Golf is a lifelong pastime
    • Golfing is something that you can do at any age, anytime. There’s no better time to start playing than now! It’s been about a four to six-month process of starting the club, but it’s finally here. If you would like to join, search “Fitchburg State Golf Club” into the Facebook search bar, and then hit join!

If you don’t have golf clubs, you can find them on Craigslist for pretty cheap! McFadden concluded, “I’m excited to unite people with the same common interest I have and feel a part of a casual team.” See you on the greens!