Black Light Volleyball: Battle Royale


by: Lia Jackson-
The Fitchburg State University’s Volleyball Club is hosting Black Light Volleyball, Battle of the Clubs! Not part of a club? Well, you don’t have to be, students and professors can form a team of their own. The event will take place at the Recreation Center on Friday, April 28, from 7-10 p.m.
“Black Light Volleyball is a volleyball game with a glow in the dark volleyball and neon lights that help identify the boundary of the court, the net, and players,” said Kathryn McGroarty, The Event Committee Head of the Volleyball Club. “I got the idea from my roommate where I saw pictures and it looked like a lot of fun, and something manageable that we could host on campus,” said McGroarty. Teams and clubs will sign up and the volleyball club will then organize a schedule of which teams or clubs will face off with one another. When a team wins they will move on to the next round. The team or club that wins the final round will win a portion of the profits that the volleyball club makes from this event.
In order to participate in this event teams and clubs need to have six to twelve players along with paying a cost of $10. Teams and clubs are welcome to make their own shirts and the volleyball club will provide glow in the dark paint and necklaces for the players. The deadline for the teams to join the event has not been decided yet, but a Facebook page for the event has been created. McGroarty said, “It’s a fun sport for everyone; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. It’s a team game so you really have to work together and communicate. Overall it’s a great experience to play with your friends, against your friends, and you get to know people. For clubs, it’s a great bonding experience and it might be something different for the members of the club to be doing. It is also a great opportunity for the clubs to possibly get money for their own club and use it towards their club.”
Anyone who wants to participate or has any questions about the event can contact the vice president of the club, Michael Costanza, by using the email [email protected] You can also send a message on their Facebook page The FSU Volleyball Club or their event page. Links to the Facebook pages are located at the bottom of the article.
If someone drops out or couldn’t make it for their team, on the day of the event then the Volleyball club will find someone from another team to fill in. “So many people would be willing to play more volleyball so it wouldn’t be an issue on finding someone to fill in,” said McGroarty. For individuals looking to play, they will be placed on teams who do not have 10 players.
Make sure you save the date and come join the fun at the Black Light Volleyball! McGroarty said, “Overall it’s going to be a fantastic event. May the best team win!”
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