Meet the Athlete of the Week



Written By: Maddie Driscoll
Photo Credit: Anna Gagnon Burch
Over the past four years track star Morgan Steele has made a tremendous impact here at Fitchburg State. When it comes to track Morgan has been a two year captain for the Falcons and has broken two school records in the Indoor Weight Throw and the Outdoor Hammer Throw. Morgan has also obtained a 3.77 GPA as she has majored in Criminal Justice throughout her stay. She has also recently been awarded the Female Scholar Athlete Award. We decided to catch up with Morgan and talk about the prestigious accomplishments she has made here at Fitchburg State.
Interviewer: When did you start doing track? What made you want to stick with it?
Steele: I played softball and soccer since I was little, one of my teammate’s mom coached the high school track team and suggested I participate in a summer track program she ran. I ended up loving the sport and joined my high school team as a freshmen.
Interviewer: I heard that you broke two school records in the Indoor Weight Throw and the Outdoor Hammer Throw. How did you feel when you broke those two records?
Steele: It was very validating of all the time, sacrifices, and effort I put into the sport. I had never thrown either event until college and I would have never imagined when I first joined the team that I would have those records so it was a very satisfying moment for me.
Interviewer: You have also just recently received the Senior Scholar Athlete Award. How did you feel when you received that award?
Steele: I was so excited to get this award, I remember as a sophomore going down the hallway in the recreation center, and seeing the posters and telling myself that I wanted to earn this award. They were many times when I was tired writing a paper late into the night and I would think about giving up, but then I remember my goal of earning that award. So it was great to actually achieve that goal of mine and it was a great honor to have my hard work be recognized.
Interviewer: Now as an Indoor Weight Thrower and Outdoor Hammer Thrower is there any other events that you have done before college or during college?
Steele: I originally was a sprinter, high jumper, and shot putter in high school, when I joined the Fitchburg team I intended to do the heptathlon and continue sprinting but after some injuries I decided to just stick to throwing. I’ve tried the discus and javelin but it wasn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but I threw them this past season to have some fun.
Interviewer: Is there a pre-game ritual you do before you throw?
Steele: The most important thing for me before a meet is to relax and just have fun. I like to joke around, sing, and dance with my teammates before I throw; if not I get too stressed and I don’t throw as well because I’ll get too in my head and throwing is too mental of a sport to allow that.
Interviewer: What does it mean to you to be a two-year captain for Track and what does your team mean to you?
Steele: Being a captain has given me the opportunity to grow, mature, and learn how to be a leader. It is something I have taken very seriously and hope that I have been a good role model for my teammates. My team means a lot to me, it is unlike any other team I have been on. They have been the greatest support system that I could ask for. I have a tendency to get in my head and be too hard on myself during competition and they are always there to insure that I stay relaxed and get the job done. Even though I’m graduating I feel as though they will always be my team.
Interviewer: What made you decide to come to Fitchburg State?
Steele: For me sports and school are the two most important things, I did not want to have to sacrifice one for the other, and I saw Fitchburg as a great place that would offer me the opportunity to be able to do both.
Interviewer: What made you want to major in Criminal Justice?
Steele: Well, I kept switching my major in my first two years here at Fitchburg and then I finally realized that what I truly wanted to do was to help people; and I think that criminal justice offers a great opportunity to do that.
Interviewer: As graduation is approaching what do you plan on doing after you graduate?
Steele: I have applied to join the 4 +1 program year at Fitchburg so I would be doing a year of grad school and then the police academy in the winter.
Interviewer: Your season is approaching its final days sadly. What will you miss about Track here at Fitchburg State?
Steele: The competition, I am very competitive and love setting goals for myself and trying to reach them so that will be something I will miss. I will also miss the whole team atmosphere, I intend on competing unattached, yet I feel as though it will not be the same thing as having 20 teammates working together and supporting each other.
Morgan has touched so many lives with her dedication, leadership, and commitment at the University. As graduation approaches Morgan will truly be missed. Although with her strong work ethic she will make an impact wherever she goes. So thank-you Morgan and to all the other senior athletes that are graduating for making Fitchburg State such a memorable place.