Big News for Texans


by Jaliannette Marquez
As you may have already heard, Texas is on track to have not one, but two Latinas in Congress! There has never been a Tejana (Texan of Hispanic descent) in Congress before. Sylvia Garcia and Veronica Escobar have secured the Democratic nomination in their districts. This is a huge victory for Latinas, as it is important that they have strong leadership and representation in their largely Latino district. In fact, Texas is 38% Hispanic while 45% is white and the remaining 17% is a mixture of African American, Asian and, other races.
Garcia, 67, emerged from a crowded primary field with a clear majority in the race replacing retiring Democratic Congressman Gene Green. “This is not my victory,” Garcia said at her post-election party, “This is all of our victory.”
Escobar, 48, had a seat left open by three-term Democrat Beto O’Rourke when he decided to challenge Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. Two years ago, O’Rourke seized victory with nearly 86% of the vote. After claiming her nomination, Escobar put the focus of her success on the voters and disregarded the fact that her election would be historic for Texas.
This is the best way to end Women’s History Month, with two and possibly three, Gina Ortiz Jones who could also be on the ballot in November if she survives a runoff. Her chances to be elected remain uncertain as the district is currently held by Republican Will Hurd.
Regardless, these powerful, and educated women, are making history and bringing change to the lives of all the Latinos and minorities in Texas.
latinas in congress.png