FSU's Harry Potter Alliance


by Olivia Koravos
IMG_4592Fitchburg State University is home to a club one might deem magical, and is open to any student who would like to join. This club is known as the Harry Potter Alliance and is a unique time for Harry Potter fans to gather together on a weekly basis to discuss their favorite (and least favorite) components of the hit book series.
If one was to walk into Thompson 202 on a Wednesday anytime between 5-6pm, they would find a group of Harry Potter fans discussing different topics and themes that come up in the books and the movies. Heather Ferguson, secretary of the Harry Potter Alliance remarks, “We talk about news that has come up within the fandom, how much we do or don’t like a character… it sort of depends week to week but it’s always new and exciting.” There is an e-board that also meets every week to propose ideas, so members can always expect fresh, exciting topics with each passing meeting.
Even though meetings are held in a classroom, the happenings in this club are far from academic, says Ferguson. “I think that people should join because it is a fun atmosphere to talk about a piece of literature. Nothing is set in stone- we usually end up not sticking to what we wanted to talk about in the first place. It’s really fun because it’s not like a book club where you have to have specific questions. It’s just a group of friends getting together to talk about Harry Potter.”
While the meetings are filled with mostly discussion, there are times in which the group
participates in trivia. Recently, practical magic has made an appearance during gatherings-adding a new and interesting element to the club. For those who might not be able to join the club, but want to take part in its events, the Harry Potter Alliance holds school-wide events at least two times a semester. “Last semester, our biggest event was the Yule Ball which was a dance that all are invited to” Ferguson comments. “We also had a wand-making event, where we literally got sticks, paint, and hot glue and let people make their own wands.”
This semester the Harry Potter Alliance is kicking wand-making up a notch, for its members will be holding an edible wand-making event on April 10th at 5:00pm in the Falcon Hub. For those who would like to make a wand that tastes as good as it looks, be sure to check out this event.
If you are thinking about joining this club, but unsure of whether or not it is right for you, club-secretary Heather Ferguson has a heap of helpful advice. “Don’t be afraid to come in” she smiles. “I know it can be daunting since we all know each other, but we are very inclusive and always try to get everybody involved in the conversation.”
Ferguson’s concluding words?
“Don’t be intimidated by the fact that we all yell a lot- it’s always fun.”