Notes from around the NFL

By Jeremy Weiner

Terrell Owens has taken some blame for his team's loss. (photo by Dusty Werner)

– James Sanders captured the game-winning interception for the Patriots on Sunday as New England snuck out a win against the Indianapolis Colts, 31-28. This brought the Patriots to 8-2 on the season, tying their record with division rival New York Jets.
– Randy Moss has played in two games with the Tennessee Titans and can only account for two receptions. This man has been MIA ever since his trade from New England.
– Heading into Thanksgiving, the Jacksonville Jaguars hold first place in the AFC South.
– The Bengals completely collapsed to the Buffalo Bills, 49-31 on Sunday. Terrell Owens shared plenty of frustration after the game, saying, “All I know is right now, we are terrible … Maybe I’m bad luck. But at this point, it’s just unthinkable. Unbelievable.”
– Oakland Raiders defensive end Richard Seymour was ejected in the middle of Sunday’s game in Pittsburgh. After Ben Roethlisberger threw a touchdown pass, Big Ben went over to Seymour, they exchanged words, and Seymour then punched him in the face mask. He can expect a large fine and possible suspension.
– Check out the NFC South: Atlanta Falcons (8-2), New Orleans Saints (7-3), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3). It’s sad to know that one of these teams won’t make it into the playoffs, when in the NFC West, a team with an under .500 record might.
– Eli Manning lost the game for the Giants on Monday night. In an attempt to make a comeback late in the fourth quarter, Manning scrambled for a first down, and then slid to the ground head first. He was untouched and the ball came out. It was ruled a fumble, and the Eagles recovered the ball. If he had slid feet-first, he would’ve been ruled down.
– Vince Young was frustrated with Coach Jeff Fisher’s decision to replace him on Sunday. The two apparently had a verbal altercation following the loss. Vince will most likely not start at quarterback for the rest of the year.
– The New York Jets made a ridiculous comeback on Sunday against the Houston Texans. Down by four points and just about a minute left with no timeouts, Mark Sanchez took charge. He led his team down the field with two straight passes to LaDanian Tomlinson, and then followed it up with a 40-yard pass to Braylon Edwards. With 16 seconds remaining in the game, Sanchez floated a touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes in the endzone. Half of the crowd had already left, but those who stayed were rewarded.
– Dec. 6, a Monday Night game, will most likely determine who will hold the lead in the division. The New York Jets will come to New England to have a potential 9-2 battle. I can’t wait.