One And Done?

One and Done
Zion Williamson Sitting On the Court After His Shoe Fell Apart (Gerry Broome)

By Jaly Marquez
On Tuesday, Feb. 20 one of college basketball’s best players was injured in a regular season game. As March Madness quickly approaches, Zion Williamson’s knee injury could be catastrophic for Duke. This injury has sparked a lot of controversy because there has been a continuous argument of whether or not high school athletes should be directly drafted into the NBA rather than having to spend their first year in college or playing overseas.
The official rule is that players must have one year away from high school basketball and must also be 19 years old before their Draft period.
Williamson was a top prospect for all universities and committed to Duke as a freshman in high school. For the upcoming 2019 Draft he is expected to be the number one pick and many coaches and former NBA players believe that if he recovers from his injury he should sit out the rest of this college basketball season. This would prevent further injury that might ruin his chances of maintaining his position as the number one draft pick.  
Williamson did not play in the Feb. 26 game against Virginia Tech. Lost 77-72.