Perks For Students

By Kristin Schneider
The Fitchburg State University OneCard, something every student on campus has whether they are a commuter or a resident, and nearly every student has made use of it.
Students use their OneCards across campus everyday. They use it to get onto their dorms, to do laundry, and even to get food. However, students are not always on campus,
Though they may not realize the perks that come with it. Students can use their OneCard in a variety of ways off campus as well, through the BbOne and OneCard Discount Programs.
Through the BbOne Off-Campus Merchant program, every day Blackboard has partnered with local merchants who have agreed to accept FitchburgGold as a form of payment. Meaning that in certain restaurants and stores, students can use money loaded onto their cards to pay for food and other products.
FitchburgGold, for those unaware, is a file on a student’s OneCard where students themselves, family members and friends can load money onto a OneCard. This money can then be used for a variety of things such as student’s laundry, at vending machines across campus, at Hammond’s North Street Bistro and of course with the BbOne program.
Merchants in the area that accept FitchburgGold as payment include CVS/Pharmacy, Papa Johns, Dunkin Donuts and a variety of others.
The OneCard Discount program is a similar program* to BbOne. However, students, and faculty, when showing their campus identification at participating locations can receive a variety of discounts.
Through this program, students can get free admission to the Fitchburg Art Museum, receive a 20 percent discount at Hollis Hills Farm, and even get 10 percent off at a repair job at Monroe Muffler Brake and Service. Along with a variety of various other discounts all across town.
These programs have been implemented by the University’s OneCard office to provide a service to its community. And what student would turn down a discount?