Problems With Dorm Kitchens

Herlihy Kitchen
By Sylvia Agyeiwaa
About two weeks ago I went to the Fitchburg State Dining Hall to grab some food and of course just like every day, they did not have anything good. My friends and I decided to go grocery shopping and cook something in our Residence Hall Kitchen. However after we got the groceries and everything we needed and went down to the kitchen, the door was locked and I was confused as to why it was closed so I decided to call campus police to get an RA to come and open the door so my friends and I can cook.
Campus Police told me that they will send someone over to check it out, and after about five  minutes an RA came and I told her about the kitchen being closed and she basically told me that she cannot open the door, but she never gave me a reason for why she wasnt able to open the door. She then told me that if we want to cook, we have to walk to Mara 8 which is another Residence Hall to cook. Basically, I should carry all my groceries, walk to another building and cook and when I am done, I take the food I have cooked and walk back to my dorm to eat it. The worst part about that was that it was raining so I was walking back and forth to get some pots and pans from my dorm to the Mara 8 building.
This is not the first time this has happened and I have spoken to other students in different dorms and the same thing has happened to them, where they had to walk from their dorm to another building just to cook. My biggest issue is that, if the dining hall is not going to have the food I want, and I decide to cook I should be able to have that choice. There are people who have dietary issues and the main dining hall does not have the things they want so they have to cook. How are they supposed to cook their choice of food if the kitchen in their building is closed? The University should focus on always having a kitchen open for all students because the dining hall is not always a choice for us.