FSU students talk about how coronavirus has impacted them


Zachary Connell
The Point asked three Fitchburg State students how COVID-19 has impacted their lives. 
“It’s taken a toll on all of our lives, and we all are affected in different ways. It’s heartbreaking, knowing that so many events that students had been looking forward to all year.  The dance show, the drag show, or even graduation had to be canceled or put on hold. I know I am, and like many other students are counting down the days to get back to our normal lives, being back on campus again,” said sophomore Kirsten Laquirdara.   
For many seniors, like Cameron Chausse, it was a disappointing ending to their college careers. 
“The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has made for unprecedented times. Although frustrating, it has taken the last semester of college away from all seniors across the globe. We all must follow the proper precautions to end this pandemic and get back to everyday life. I miss college,” said Chausse. 
COVID-19 is a virus that is being taken very seriously by the community, including Fitchburg State students. 
“I’ve taken it very seriously. I only leave my house once a week, just to keep myself sane. It has impacted my classes, and for me, I rather face to face class. I just hope everyone is doing their part so we can get through this crisis,” said sophomore David Kelley.  
COVID-19 will, one day, be history. In the meantime, we must do our part to get back to a normal life.