How to stay sane while social distancing


Muriel Baillie
Due to the spread of COVID-19, states throughout the country have issued shelter in place orders, which prevent people from leaving their homes for nonessential reasons. 
To avoid losing your mind while at home, here is how you can stay sane while quarantining. 
Create a routine
Having a routine is something you can do to make life feel a little more normal. An easy way to start is to simply go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. You can build off of that by incorporating a time to do homework or work, a moment in the day self-care, time to prep meals and a time to exercise. Perhaps you could start your days with a nice morning walk (remember to wear a mask or something to cover your face) so you can settle in to do your work, then finish off the day with meditation, reading or something else you enjoy doing. It could take a few days to find the routine that is right for you, but it certainly helps. 
Stay active 
Even though you can’t go to the gym, exercise classes or sports practices, there are still ways to maintain an active lifestyle. Take breaks throughout the day to walk around your neighborhood while staying six feet away from other pedestrians. After all, spring weather isn’t canceled! If you live in a heavily populated area or don’t feel comfortable going for walks, there are various Youtube videos for exercise. You can find anything from yoga to ab-blasters.
Check-in with relatives and friends daily
Whether it is a call or text, it is important to reach out to loved ones to check on them as well as to stay in the loop. This is especially important if you live alone. Not only does it comfort them to hear from you, but it will give you some peace of mind as well. Keeping in touch reminds us that we are not alone during this trying time. 
Improve your space
Now that you have to spend all your time at home, you have the chance to clean out and declutter your room, closet, or drawers. Having a space that you enjoy will help you stay sane while being there. Don’t be afraid to give your room a makeover as well, sometimes even the smallest rearrangements can feel really refreshing! 
Learn something new 
If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new language or how to cook, now is your time! Apps like Duolingo are completely free and teach you how to learn a new language. You can also learn a new recipe that incorporates foods that are already in your kitchen with 
It is important to keep an active mind and body during this social distancing period. Make sure to keep up with the news, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Sheltering in place is no snow day, but rather an adjustment of life. For more resources on wellness, counseling services are still available to students and offer help through the phone, as well as free programs through their Instagram, @fitchburgstatewellness.