It pays to flash your OneCard

Merchants and students alike seem to find OneCard discounts exciting.

By Steve Witherell

Next time you need to purchase something around Fitchburg, it might pay for you to pull out your OneCard. Many students don’t realize it, but this card is the key to discount deals ranging from free sandwiches to money off on products and services.
What makes the discounts so appealing is the fact that they are from such a broad range of stores. One of the best deals might be found at Monroe Muffler and Brake Service, for example, which offers 10 percent off all repairs for students.
Other discounts that students seem to enjoy are those involving food. Burger King offers any sandwich free with the purchase of a large french fries and drink. This comes out to a little over $4 for a meal that would satisfy any appetite. Papa Gino’s offers a free order of breadsticks with the purchase of a large pizza, which turns out to be a very good deal as well as a good excuse to get away from the school cafeteria for a while.
With all the discounts out there, it is ultimately up to each member of the Fitchburg State family to decide if they are useful or not. It seems that the most difficult thing to do with the OneCard discounts is to remember to use them.
For a more detailed list of discounts, look to the FSC Web site which is updated regularly, at