Opinion: Facebook fans don't learn

Too much time spent on Facebook can reflect badly on a student. (photo by Paul Walsh)

By Kenny Johnson

With Facebook already established as the craze of our generation, there seems little people can do to stop it – or its harmful side effects.  As a student here at Fitchburg State, I have spent my fair share of class time on Facebook, and I’ve seen others do the same.  What started out as a social network has become a life-sucking machine.  When students should be paying attention to their professors during a lecture, or participating in a nice class discussion, what are theydoing instead? They’re playing Farmville for the 30th time today; but, hey, you have to keep up on those crops or who knows, they could go bad and then you’d be out all of that money. 
Of course, you can’t put all the blame on Facebook; they just want to make a user-friendly, engaging Web site. They certainly have succeeded, almost a little too well. 
Unless professors ban computers in their classrooms, Facebook will always be there, lurking in the background, just waiting for the next kid to log on and start playing Texas Hold’em or find that next Bumper Sticker to add to a friend’s wall.
So I urge students to get off Facebook, because teachers know what you’re up to; it will get you nowhere when test time comes and you don’t know anything. 
What are you paying all that tuition money for? You’re paying to get that higher education, and Facebook just isn’t giving it to you.