Arteries Keeps the Pulse on Student Expression


Arteries started in the early 2000s by Petri Flint, according to Dr. Olmstead. Olmstead went on to say that Professor Petri who teaches painting here at Fitchburg State is the founder of Arteries. He wanted to give students in the Humanities Department a place to showcase their work.

Arteries runs in the spring semester for students, and it’s a juried show for students who are attending Fitchburg State University. Artwork is accepted from all Fitchburg State students, as it does not solely need to be from the Art Department. In a fine art capacity, Petri Flint, Sally More, and Andrea Olmstead are the three professors that jury the student work.

Furthermore, Visions is another art show here at Fitchburg State. Visions shows the graphic design and anything coming out of the media, featuring more of the game design students showing their work.

All students get an email, but not every student gets in, stated Dr. Olmstead. Dr. Olmstead went on to explain the process, the three professors, being the jury, focused more on the theme. This does not mean that your work isn’t great or that you are not good at art, the theme is the focus, thus making the decision.

The deadline for submissions was February 13, then the jury will observe all submissions on February 14 and 15. A week later, they will let students know their decisions.

February 21 to 23, the students that were chosen to have their artwork displayed shall bring their work to the art gallery.

“The opening will be after spring break, Wednesday, the 22nd of March. This is the projected date, this will be in the Hammond Hall after Spring Break. At the Opening, food will be served. Hoping for as great a turnout as last year, as students bring friends, and family. This will be held starting at 3:30 p.m.,” stated Dr. Olmstead.

The Humanities Department has language, music, fine arts, and philosophy. In the fine arts classes there is drawing, intermediate drawing, and figure drawing, also, water based media intro to studio art, puppetry, sculpture, 3d design, these different classes in each semester.

In the School of Arts and Sciences, there’s Humanities. Humanities encourages self-reflection, by offering a practical and innovative curriculum that recognizes the increasingly porous boundaries between disciplines. This provides what is essential for a life long education towards learning skills.

I was fortunate to receive an email from a student that had a showing of last year’s Arteries exhibit. His name is Peter Gomes. He had three projects in the showing of the spring Arteries of 2022. He was specific with names and descriptions. The “King of the Savanna,” a stipple-styled portrait of an elephant; “Assortment of Faces,” a still-life charcoal drawing of a mask surrounded by various items; and “Held On By A String,” an oil painting of a stuffed dog pinned onto a wall by tacks. These three drawings were assignments that he completed in class.

Olmstead went to Gomes directly and asked for his permission to submit his projects. This being a unique experience to see his art on display in an exhibit, he readily agreed.

Peter went on to state that displaying his work in a showcase in a public setting would “give him a boost of confidence and a critical view.”