The Rundown: SGA Considers Sponsoring Program to Provide Free Female Hygiene Products in Fitchburg State Bathrooms


The Student Government Association (SGA) of Fitchburg State meets on a weekly basis in an effort to “empower the student body and represent their issues and concerns.” Although these meetings are open to all students, attendance outside of the committee members is seldom seen. The Point believes that coverage over these events is necessary to keep the student body further informed on any developments and decisions occurring within these meetings that could very well impact student life on and off of campus.

March 28 Meeting

Executive Reports

Student Trustee Allison Turner met with the board of trustees to vote on whether or not to approve a new academic program for Fitchburg State.

“We voted to approve the new academic program, a Master’s in Construction Management. This then allows for it to be brought forward to the Department of Higher Education to be voted on,” said Turner. “If this goes through, Fitchburg State will be the first state school with this program.”

Secretary Matthew Messina announced the success of their tabling efforts this semester and encouraged senators to sign up for more upcoming tabling hours.

“[March 28] was the first day of tabling to recruit new senators and potentially educate them on the upcoming elections,” said Messina. “We’ve got plenty of signatures now to argue that it was a great success.”

Vice President Sydney Kinz reminded everyone that the SGA Transitional will be April 25.

“This is a time for the new [executive board] and senate to get sworn in, recognize outstanding senate work, give out some goofy superlatives, and most importantly, have one last time all together before you say bye to the seniors and you begin the next journey with the new senate,” said Kinz.

Committee Reports

Student Trustee Allison Turner reported on the newest updates from the GPA Scale Committee and their meetings with former Student Trustee Joseph Cautela.

“Last week I met with former Student Trustee [Joseph] Cautela, who had started this project of modifying the GPA scale last year. After our conversation, it was revealed that the GPA scale that we intended to propose is not finished,” said Turner. “That being said, Dr. [Hank] Parkinson, President Gustin and I decided that we will not be going forward with submitting an AUC proposal with this scale for this year. As such, next year’s executive board and senate will need to decide whether they want to finish this project or not.”

There was no old business or new business for the March 28 meeting.

April 4 Meeting

Executive Reports

President Miranda Gustin reported a potential collaboration that could happen between the SGA and “Aunt Flow”.

“Aunt Flow” is a company that specializes in the distribution of free sanitary products for women in schools and institutions like Fitchburg State. These products would be kept in women’s restrooms across campus, and although the products would be free for all students, SGA would be responsible for purchasing the product dispensers and the cases that refill the dispensers from “Aunt Flow”.

“It is $250 for each dispenser that goes in the bathroom, and it would be SGA’s responsibility to fill it. We started budgeting for about 50 cases, which would go out to 2,500 products, which is a great deal,” said Gustin.

Gustin explained that each case, after the purchase of the dispenser, costs around $50.

“The money would come from SGA,” said Gustin. “It wouldn’t start this semester, it would start next semester. So whoever is the president [next semester] will have to continue that conversation and start budgeting for it.”

Despite this, Gustin asked the senate to vote on whether or not the SGA would be interested in sponsoring the program.

After some questions and deliberation, Gustin saw it best to give the senate a week to think about what their vote will be, rather than asking for a vote right then.

“I do have to let them know before the semester ends if that’s something that we want to go through with. That way I can set [SGA] up for next year,” said Gustin.

Finally, Gustin reported that the boat that the Senior Committee had prepared for the senior trip caught on fire. No details about how or when this incident happened were shared. Gustin informed the senate, however, that as a replacement the senior trip will now be on a yacht instead of a boat at no extra cost to the seniors.

Committee Reports

Senator Zachary Carlson reported that the Disability Services Office recently welcomed their first student intern into the office.

“Spencer Jordan is a senior in Human Services, who will be with Disability Services 30 hours a week, helping to greet students and learning about the office operations,” Said Senator Carlson. “They’re also welcoming two new student workers to help the office on Thursday and Friday afternoons, Donna Casey and Emily Davis.”

Liaison Reports

Senator Lordorina Hercule, Chartwells Liaison, reported that Chartwells hosted a dinner and movie night in Holmes Dining Commons, and that they will be making cookie donations to the local Fitchburg fire department.

On the subject of Chartwells, President Gustin announced that the April 11 SGA meeting might be a little longer than usual because of guest speaker Jeff McVoy, director of dining services at Fitchburg State.

“They’re going to be talking about a remodel of Chartwells,” said President Gustin. “It’s going to be a big surprise, and I’m excited for them to talk.”

New Business

A motion to allot $180.00 to WXPL, the student-run, commercial-free college radio broadcasting club from Fitchburg State, was passed with three abstentions.