It’s Raining Goats and Bunnies: Petting Zoo Takes Over the Quad


Elliot Zopatti

Fitchburg State University students brave the gloomy weather to pet some fluffy creatures at the petting zoo

As part of “Spring Week” sponsored by the Fitchburg Activities Board, the townhouse side of the Fitchburg State University Quad was the host of a miniature petting zoo for all students on May 3rd. There were also some free goodies given out the early arrivals, including spring week t-shirts, as well as FAB branded bucket hats and extremely fashionable fanny packs.
Spring week is a week-long event put on by the Fitchburg Activities Board during the last full week of classes for the spring semester in partnership with other various clubs and organizations across the FSU community, and involved a plethora of events including the Gay Rodeo, a trip to a Red Sox game, big prize bingo, a retro roller rink and arcade night, and of course, a petting zoo.
Animals featured at the petting zoo included goats, ducks, chickens, guinea pigs, bunnies, ponies, llamas, sheep, and a baby cow. Despite the rainy weather, students lined up all the way across the main quad for a chance to pet some fuzzy little creatures, and get a little pick-me-up before finals begin.
“I think this is the happiest I’ve been all semester. A goat climbed on me and just ate my sweatshirt. I love them.” says Cameron Emanuel, a senior Computer Science major and Resident Assistant. Emmanuel also expressed that the animals were so cute, he could not bear to be separated from them to go to his next class. “I wanna steal them, but that’s a little illegal. I may be coming back to steal them. But don’t add that, don’t put that in the article.” Sorry Cameron, that’s definitely staying in the article.
The petting zoo has historically been a very successful event for Fitchburg State University. Students across the bard expressed happiness that the petting zoo returned once again. Students from all backgrounds and majors flocked to the event.
“I am a new person. I have been reborn, for it is wonderful. I love it so much. It makes me so unbelievably happy.” says Amanita Defeo, a junior Game Design major and Resident Assistant.
Students also expressed the need for this event to happen more frequently, as it really helps to boost morale and keep spirits up during difficult periods of time during the semester.
“This is such an amazing thing that everyone goes to.” says Emmanual. When The Point attended, the rain was coming down pretty hard, and the line to get inside the main section of the petting zoo still led over halfway across the quad. Umbrellas and raincoats, letting nothing get between them and the desire to pet a fluffy creature.
“This should be an every year, multiple times a semester thing.” says Anna Gauvin, a junior Engineering Technology major and Tour Guide. “The baby goats cured my will to live. It brings so many happy chemicals to my brain, and I love the tiny chicken.”
The petting zoo was a huge success—a surprise to nobody. We can only hope that FSU and FAB will continue the tradition next year and perhaps to hold the event more frequently to spread the love and good vibes even further.