The Modern Jazz Band and Concert Band End Of Semester Performances

The Modern Jazz Band and Concert Band had their concert performances as the end of the semester approached. The audience was attentive, the band was versatile, they played classic rock, blues, jazz, and a student performed an original song he wrote in a hip hop album. Mary Hansen came to see her child EmJay, who was singing at the concert.
“She does a fantastic job. She’s got a great voice and it’s been such a fun release for her with all of her other classes. This has been a great outlet for her.”

Susan DiTavi was also at the show to see her son, Joey DiTavi. Joey DiTavi was performing on the drums at the night of the concert, but Susan DiTavi informed us that he also sings, plays piano, and guitar. Joey is a junior film major with a music performance minor. He plans on continuing performing with the band in the fall. In addition to students and parents, the leadership involved with this concert was also excited to perform.

“I’m Dr. McGlothin and I am the Director of Bands here at Fitchburg State, and I run this band, which we now call a modern jazz band as well as the Concert Band, along with the community orchestra.” Said Dr. Amy McGlothin.

“I thought [tonight] was great. The group really came together. We had a great time last week playing for the student research conference lunch, which kind of gives us a really good dress rehearsal for this performance. And it’s actually kind of a bigger and more busy audience so they kind of get used to all the distractions that could possibly happen when we come in here, so they’re a lot more relaxed for this concert.” She added about how the night had gone.

The bands on campus perform multiple times every year, with students, alumni, and community members involved and making music together. Overall those involved in and those supportive of the music programs on campus got to be a part of two great nights of performances of music on campus and support the arts here at Fitchburg State.