Dare to be beautylicious


Free beauty app

Free beauty app

By:  Briana Greene

 If you have not downloaded the app Beautylish then you are seriously slacking on life. This app is the best thing that you could ever download on your smartphone or iPod and to top it all off it’s free! Now, depending on your type of phone or your service, you may not be able to download this application. I know that certain people may not have at least an iPod touch so they can’t download this app. However, don’t fear because there is  a website that you can access from your laptop or even in the library so you can reap the benefits from this app like everyone else. The website is www.beautylish.com.  There is really no excuse as to why you cannot access this wonderful app!

An article on the beauty app.

An article on the beauty app.

I love this app for a number of reasons, but if I were to tell you all the reasons then you will be reading this forever. Instead, I’m only going to tell you the top three reasons why I love this app and why you will too. First, this app is like the Holy Grail when it comes to beauty. I am a makeup junkie, so if you are like me then this is the perfect app for you. This app gives you tips and tricks about everything beauty: hair, makeup, nails and skin. It has product reviews, hair and makeup tutorials and it even allows you to post pictures of your makeup or look at how other people do theirs. You can even buy makeup from popular brands like Too Faced and Anna Sui straight from the site.

One of the many features of the beauty app.

One of the many features of the beauty app.

The second reason why this app is the absolute best is because of the articles and stories they post. These articles and stories range from makeup, hair, nails, DIY, and skin care to fitness and health. The best thing about these articles and stories is the fact that they are all written by professionals, such as  dermatologists, makeup artists and fitness gurus. So, you get professional advice and tips for free as well as learn something new.

The third reason why this app is fabulous is because of the community that it has. Once you download this app and create an account you will be able to talk to people, share tips and tricks about anything and ask each other questions about products or whatever else you feel like talking about.

So, now that I gave you the top three reasons to download this app, do it!  I promise you will not regret it.

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  1. This sounds like a great beauty app.

    – KW


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