Dreams grow at the Garden

Michael Ingram-Rubin controls the ball for The FSU Falcons.

By Hannah Adams
High school students tend to go about their business doing homework, having an after-school job, and graduate remembering times with friends. Those that participated in high school sports tend to have a whole different experience. For Michael Ingram-Rubin, high school definitely provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
“I got to play basketball at the [Boston] Garden! It was the first year we made it to semi-finals and I wish I had it back,” said Ingram-Rubin, who now plays guard for the Fitchburg State Falcons. When he was a senior at Bedford High School, Ingram-Rubin was a Dual-County league MVP and captain for the basketball team.
It was March of his senior year when he and the team got the coveted spot vs. Wareham High School at the Garden, the same court the Celtics and other professionals play on. School ended early that day, and they threw a pep rally for the team. This was an event the whole town went to. “Parents, kids, friends, everyone went,” Ingram-Rubin said. “Only probably five or 10 people from town didn’t go.” Unfortunately, the Bedford team lost that game, but the excitement of making it there was a huge thing for the team, the school, and the town.
Not only was playing in the semi-finals a big deal, but there were also college scouts at that and other games looking to recruit the boys. Ingram-Rubin got picked up by New England College in New Hampshire, after attending many other college showcases to get his name, accomplishments, and skills out to potential schools.
Ingram-Rubin is now a sophomore transfer student at Fitchburg State in the communications department. He averages around 12 points a game for the Falcons, and said he has been playing basketball for almost as long as he can remember. “I started when I was 6 years old,” Ingram-Rubin said.  “I used to be a little nerd so my dad brought me to the gym and I ended up liking it.”
His dad has been a well-known basketball coach at East Boston High School for many years and has won numerous state titles. Ingram-Rubin admitted he felt a little pressure from the family. “My brother was a good player, too, and I felt like I had to live up to the hype,” Ingram-Rubin said. “I made the right choices and definitely lived it up!”
Ingram-Rubin says this university’s team has a lot of potential this year. As for his past, “It’s something I will always remember. I played a lot of good players and had great experiences!”