'Woman in Black' a deadly bore

By Katie Blandin

woman in black
Daniel Radcliffe stars in "The Woman in Black."

“Woman in Black” is an interesting movie title that leaves you curious. In the opening scene, we see Daniel Radcliffe – or Harry Potter, as we’ve come to know him – with a knife to his throat. That is all the opening scene leaves you with, before going to the starting credits.
Radcliffe portrays Arthur Kripps, a young lawyer who is ordered to evaluate a shambled mansion. With his job on the line, Kripps must find out how horrible of an estate the place really is, for no one will buy it. While there he comes to realize there is speculation of paranormal activity, not only in the mansion but the entire town, because of a woman in black who had died there. This woman is rumored to kill all the children that live in the town, by putting a trance over the innocent little ones and leading them to suicide.
While the story unwinds to show things lurking in the corners, or noises that sound like footsteps, Kripps is fearless. This no-emotion acting makes the movie feel like it isn’t even a horror movie; you never truly get the adrenaline rush or shock that you’re hoping for. Though the idea of fright does linger, the not-scared-of-anything Kripps leaves the viewer waiting in anticipation for an adventure for the first hour. This half scare tactic that you see throughout the movie turns this flick into a complete flop.
Radcliffe is known for his role as Harry Potter and acting in a setting that is not as fast paced as a horror movie; the fact that the excitement in the movie wasn’t there makes this hard to even consider categorizing it as a “horror.”
The lack of plot or revelation leaves you wondering what is going on the entire time. Not until the end of film do you see how the nonsense of boredom and watching Kripps gallop along as if he were on a nice sunny day makes any sense. If you don’t fall asleep half way through this movie, consider it a feat.
This movie is rated PG-13, so if you were to go on a date note that this horror flick isn’t one to go to on a weekend with children in full capacity. Though the movie was sold out the first two nights of its release at Randolph Showcase Cinemas in Randolph, this movie is one that could  bore even a child.