Depp Kills in ‘Black Mass’

By Andrew Fader In recent years, Hollywood has shifted some of its attention from the West Coast to the East, setting many crime films within and around the Boston area. … Read More

50 Shades of Grey: Is it really worth seeing?

By Kate Domenichella and Tava Hoag **Disclaimer- Contains spoilers about FSOG movie and personal opinions**  Kate’s Take (Perspective after reading the book–twice):  On Monday, Tava and I decided to see … Read More

‘Jurassic Park’ 20 years later

By Chelsea Bergman The classic movie “Jurassic Park” was in theaters 20 years ago, but for some of us 1993 seems like a long time. I was only a 1-year-old … Read More

Denzel Washington’s ‘Flight’ soars

By Nicole Branco ** Contains spoilers If the previews of Flight showing an upside down airplane in the sky coming to its fall were not shocking enough, the movie itself … Read More

“Red Dawn” brings action and patriotism with little plot

By Kayla Bridges If you’re looking for a movie packed with scenes of hardcore American patriotism and action scenes, then I would definitely recommend Dan Bradley’s directorial debut remake of … Read More

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