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'Jurassic Park' 20 years later

By Chelsea Bergman

The classic movie “Jurassic Park” was in theaters 20 years ago, but for some of us 1993 seems like a long time. I was only a 1-year-old when it originally came out, but I do recall seeing the movie in my younger years through VHS tapes and loving it. The director, Steven Spielberg, did an incredible job on this movie, and because of that it went onto DVD and the story continued into sequels with “Jurassic Park” II and III in 3D. A lot of rumors over the years have been speculated about an upcoming film titled “Jurassic Park IV,” and the studio has finally announced its release date as June 11. The story of these dinosaurs will continue.

I spent my teenage years watching the film on DVD and it never got old in my eyes. When I heard the movie was coming out in 3D the excitement started to build for the release day of the movie. The classic film would be brought to the big screen again and be better than ever. Everyone around me said the movie wouldn’t be as good in 3D since it wasn’t originally made for that type of format, but that didn’t stop my enthusiasm. It’s still a young film but already a classic.jurassic

“Jurassic Park” is an easy way to get children to enjoy scarier types of movies as well. It’s a good stepping-stone because it has suspense, but in reality it isn’t all that scary because it’s not as graphic as scary movies today would be. The film takes the audience on an adventure through an out-of-this-world new adventure park. The park did the unthinkable, and re-created dinosaur clones for the public to enjoy and watch. Main character Dr. Alan Grant and the rest of his crew go on an adventure through this very park to try and find a way to survive. They have to outwit the smartest of all the dinosaurs, the Velociraptor.  They take you on this journey that surprises you every bit of the way.

This adventure film will get children and people of all ages hooked on dinosaurs in a matter of minutes. Making it into a 3D film will make them hooked even faster. In theaters, the dinosaurs appear huge compared to the contrast of watching it on your regular television. I thought the quality of the film was fantastic. I went into the theater expecting the best, and I was not disappointed.

I was skeptic at first thinking about how the film was going to be portrayed in 3D since (as people suggested) the original film was not made to be reproduced in such a fashion, but the film worked. The dinosaurs popped out at all the right places; especially in the scene when the doctor, actor Sam Neill, was driving the jeep away with Dr. Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldblum – the mathematician who specialized in chaos theory – when the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex was chasing them.  Even though I’ve seen the film countless times, I jumped during all the suspenseful scenes, even though I already knew what was about to happen. The quality of the film makes the movie look great. It’s been said that the conversion of the “Jurassic Park” movie was done by the same company who converted “Titanic.”

Overall, the film is a must-see and I highly recommend it. The quality makes the movie come to life like never before.  The acting is superb, and there isn’t a moment in the when you question how the character acts.. If you’re a dinosaur lover, you’ll love this film year after year. It’s definitely something to watch and you’ll learn a thing or two at the same time.

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    CMrok93May 15, 2013 at 10:31 am

    Good review. After all of these years, it’s still fun, exciting, and tense, even when you believe it to be old and nothing new.