The sound of music

By Kevin Boudreau

Photo credit: Lost Cabin Recording Studio’s Facebook page

Legendary blues pianist Ray Charles once said, “I was born with music inside me. Like my ribs, my kidney, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me – like food or water.” That same force that Ray Charles speaks of can also be seen in local music studio owners Patrick “Sev-One” Burns and Bob “BeastOnBoards” Jameson who, two years ago, opened the doors to their “place of music worship” Lost Cabin Recording Studio.
But the real question is do local recording studios, like Lost Cabin, really have a big effect on the music industry? Some local musicians, like local rappers Javier “40 $tacks” Ramos and Zackary “Keatsa” Keating, would agree; others, like local musician Robert Reynolds II, would choose to disagree with this claim.
“Definitely, they (local recording studios) keep it (the music industry) going,” says Ramos, “they’re (Lost Cabin Recording Studio) doing professional work at a low price and if you’re serious about pursuing a career as a musician…investing in your career choice is key.”
Lost Cabin Recording Studio’s rate for a single recording session is forty dollars per hour.
“Well yeah it is a little expensive,” says Zachary “Keatsa” Keating, “but if you think about it…the equipment they use is very expensive which makes the quality of the music produced that much better…and the producer working with the equipment does so in such a way that the songs are made at a professional level unattainable in a personal studio setup in someone’s house. So in the long run it’s worth the forty dollars.”
However, not every local musician feels the same way Javier and Zachary do. Robert Reynolds II is a local musician who has his own personal studio set up in his home and records and edits his own music himself.
“Money is one reason I choose to record my music in my own studio setup, as is the truth that I’m not sure of the right places to look for specific quality needs,” says Robert, “but the biggest reason I choose to record my music in my own studio setup is more so because I enjoy doing it myself. I like to get as much hands on experience as I can because I hope to be a producer as well as a musician someday.”
When asked if he would record his music in a studio if he had enough money to do so Robert replied, “I’m honestly not sure because I truly would enjoy having some else do the recording and editing for once and have a song be more at radio quality sound, but at the same time I enjoy keeping my music to myself and seeing what I can do with it.”
In regards to the importance of local recording studios to the music industry Roberts commented, “Yes and no, because sadly a lot of people today look at quality as fame. The better the quality of your song the more famous you seem to sound and the more listeners you seem to attract. I’m not saying studios aren’t important, I’m just saying that talent is more important than a clearer sound.”
For further information about Lost Cabin Recording Studio, or to set up a recording session, you can look them up on Facebook at or give them a call at 1-(978)-855-2065.