Workouts strengthen body and mind

workouts beat stress
Workouts can help students beat stress.

By Kyle Anderson
Why do college students spend their time at the gym instead of in the library studying?  Is it only to stay in shape?  Or are there other reasons?
When asked, many students say that getting some exercise is a great way to balance out schoolwork and other related stresses. This may be especially true during stressful times like finals week.
Michael Baird, a senior at Fitchburg State, claims that exercising helps work off the anger and stress that can build up during the day. “When I go to the gym, it takes my mind off of all the negative things throughout my day,” Baird says. “I not only am trying to stay fit, but also am looking to work off all the stress that builds up with the amount of work I have.”
Working out is a great stress-reliever, according to FSU’s Health Services, leading to better sleep and a better ability to focus.
Baird agrees. “Without a doubt I sleep better at night thanks to working out,” he says. “Not only does it help me burn energy, but going to bed happy with a clear mind is the greatest feeling in the world.”
So why do many college students work out at their gym? Part of it seems to be the physical benefits that come along with a good workout routine, but the mental advantages are really a hidden gem that it’s easy to overlook.  If more students were aware of the positive benefits that come along with even the simplest of workout routines, maybe the stress level would drop campus-wide, leading to much happier and healthier students – even during finals.