WXPL moves to Hammond

By Kelsey Young

Behind the scenes of WXPL. (Photo by Nicole Rollo)

WXPL 91.3 FM, Fitchburg State University’s student-run radio station, has moved to a more central location on campus. Although it started in Hammond in 1984, the station had resided for the past several years in the tunnels below Thompson Hall (also known as “the dungeon”). Now, with renovations complete, it has found its way home to Hammond, but in a different room than before.
The “relocation of the facility was made as a big promotional reason,” says Russell DeLuca-Kavanagh, a student of WXPL.  Some students have even stated that seeing the WXPL club office on the side of Hammond has brought some new attention and interest to the club.
Russell DeLuca-Kavanagh working on the school radio. (Photo by Nicole Rollo)

Although the new space is not any larger it is a big deal to the campus. “We have a little less room now but it works,” DeLuca-Kavanagh says. The space consists of a sitting room, a recording room, and a room to play music live on the radio. Three relatively small rooms is enough space for the members to sit cramped at a soundboard and promote this club over the air.
As the club members are shown around the new area, the smell of new, clean carpet washes over them. The space has not much to show other than a sound board and a few microphones; however given time the facilities will be a new place of home to some students, and the sounds beaming across the airways will fill many dorm rooms, houses and cars alike.  The fresh excitement of the year to come, in the new facilities can be seen by the amount of new members show up to put on their own shows.
Tune to WXPL. (Photo by Nicole Rollo)

WXPL has been pushing for years to move out of the Thompson tunnels and back home to the Hammond building, and was finally able to do so during the reconstruction of the entire building. The building has new spaces and a few extra window panels, it has a completely new look to it.