NFL predictions: Week 7

By Jeremy Weiner
After going 8-6 with my picks last week, my confidence in predicting the future has sky-rocketed. Time to call the shots for Week 7 in the NFL. My game of the week is the Ravens vs. Texans game. How will the Ravens respond to losing a leader on and off the field, like Ray Lewis?
Seahawks (4-2) vs. 49ers (4-2)
Winner: 49ers
Why: The Seahawks got a huge win last week vs. the Patriots. Unfortunately, the 49ers defense is no where as bad as the Patriots, so Russell Wilson won’t be as successful as he was this past Sunday.
Cardinals (4-2) vs. Vikings (4-2)
Winner: Vikings
Why: Both of these teams have a high ranked defense. Minnesota has more offensive weapons and the Cardinals have lost two in a row. I’m giving this one to the Vikings.
Cowboys (2-3) vs. Panthers (1-4)
Winner: Cowboys
Why: The Cowboys are in panic mode. They can’t afford to lose, especially with how close their division is. Rob Ryan will strategize a way to shut down Cam Newton and the Panthers to give them a much needed win.
Saints (1-4) vs. Buccaneers (2-3)
Winner: Saints
Why: These two teams are off to a slow start. One team has Josh Freeman under center while the other has Drew Brees. I think it’s safe to say Drew Brees will carry the Saints to victory.
Packers (3-3) vs. Rams (3-3)
Winner: Packers
Why: The Packers are done messing around. They proved that, this past Sunday night, by slaughtering the undefeated Houston Texans. Aaron Rodgers is playing like he’s possessed out on the football field. I feel bad for the Rams secondary because they’re going to have a lot of trouble defending any pass from the defending MVP winner.
Redskins (3-3) vs. Giants (4-2)
Winner: Giants
Why: The Giants are going to win this division. Everyone knows they’re going to the playoffs. Robert Griffin III will put up the points for the Redskins, but it won’t be enough.
Ravens (5-1) vs. Texans (5-1)
Winner: Texans
Why: The poor Ravens lost two key defensive players for the rest of the season (Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb). It’s going to be a huge blow to Baltimore’s morale and the Texans will be looking to take advantage of their losses with a win.
Titans (2-4) vs. Bills (3-3)
Winner: Bills
Why: The Bills are coming off of a huge road win and the Titans aren’t much of a lethal team in the AFC. The Bills should show more of an offensive sign of light and put up the big points.
Browns (1-5) vs. Colts (2-3)
Winner: Browns
Why: The Browns offense is really clicking right now. I predicted them beating Cincinnati last week and I can see them beating the Colts. Phil Dawson will win it with a time expiring kick.
Jets (3-3) vs. Patriots (3-3)
Winner: Patriots
Why: I really hope I’m not jinxing anything here. Look, the Jets didn’t impress me with their blowout win vs. Indianapolis last week. For the Patriots to win, they need to rattle Mark Sanchez and force him to turnover the ball. Brady and company will take care of the rest. It should help our passing game with Darrelle Revis out for the season.
Jaguars (1-4) vs. Raiders (1-4)
Winner: Raiders
Why: The Raiders came extremely close to delivering Atlanta their first loss last week. The Jaguars are one of the worst teams in the NFL, so hopefully the Raiders will get a much-needed win.
Steelers (2-3) vs. Bengals (3-3)
Winner: Steelers
Why: The Steelers are too good to be 2-3. The Bengals won’t win this game unless BenJarvus Green-Ellis snaps out of his funk. Big Ben knows how to win big games and facing a division rival is absolutely a big game.
Lions (2-3) vs. Bears (4-1)
Winner: Lions
Why: I’m going with an upset here. I think the Lions can turn their season around and win a big game here. Who better to get a win (in prime-time) against than a division rival! Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson will finally start to get things going.
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