Op-Ed: The Perfect Day

By Nooshig Varjabedian
A friend of mine recently asked what my perfect day would consist of. After putting a lot of thought into my answer, I stated it’d start with me waking up at 6 in the morning to go for a run through the streets of New York, complete with no asthma, no pains, no problems, but more specifically, nothing at all holding me back from performing above and beyond.
After my run would be completed, I’d shower and enjoy a delicious breakfast and then grab my camcorder and take to the streets, exploring the city for all it holds and all it is. Rainbow-brain-made-of-gears_original-300x225
After answering this question, there was a smile on my face, and my friends agreed: this would definitely be a perfect day for me as I’m all about being happy and enjoying life. But while I walked back to my dorm, I started rethinking my answer and realized that it wasn’t so perfect after all. The way I saw it, that would be just any normal day in my future.
The question again rested upon my shoulders all night, leaving me to envision what my perfect day was in my dreams. But instead of coming up with a perfect day, my dreams envisioned a perfect life.
We view the world as it is given to us for better or for much worse. Most of the time we don’t question it and continue to go about our days. But sometimes you should stop, question it, and think about what would be absolutely perfect. Then make it happen.
I realized that this will often change as you go through life. Certain things will be more important than others, but that should never stop you from reaching for what you want. We are capable of doing so many things, yet some never reach for what they want at all. I don’t always go after what I want, but I have so many goals I am ready to conquer, one step at a time.
After that night, I don’t think I can ever shake the question out of my head of what a perfect day would be. I am still thinking about it to this day, yet I realize I don’t want a perfect day or a perfect week, etc. I want a perfect life. A life in which I know I can wake up and feel absolutely amazing about.
“Perfect” may be a grand word, especially if we’re talking about reality, but I feel it’s the only word that can describe the future that is dreamt about. We are the future, yet we’re doing everything everyone is telling us. We are capable of so much more than that.